Gaz Corfield is a working journalist, currently acting chief sub-editor of technology website The Register. I’ve been on staff there as a sub-editor since early 2013.

My journalistic interests include technology, business, the target shooting sports and (a rather esoteric one) British firearms licensing policy. I cover the latter two on my other site and provide consultancy services on the hugely complex area of firearms law, policy and regulation for other journalists.

I have an in depth knowledge of English defamation law relating to print and online publications gained through my professional qualifications and daily practice in the area as chief sub for Europe’s biggest technology news and policy website. I am proud that nothing I have written or edited, despite being close to the wire in places, has ever proceeded to trial or resulted in a settlement.

In addition to my legal skills, I pride myself on being able to turn turgid walls of text into concise, accurate and sparkling prose.

I am also competent at obtaining legal documents through applications to English and Welsh courts and ensuring that subsequent reports stay within legal privilege, no matter how defamatory their contents.

I am open to journalistic, copywriting and editing commissions. Please email me at gazthejourno@gmail.com for information. I do not undertake unpaid work.

This blog mostly related to my student days some years ago. I’ve left it online mainly to keep hold of the URL.


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